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10 Best RV Roof Vent Covers: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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RV roof vent covers are a simple and relatively inexpensive way to let fresh air into your RV without having to worry about letting in unwanted dust, rain, or leaves. Depending on the brand and model, installation takes minutes and can be done by even the least mechanically inclined RV enthusiast. 

While they might not be the most exciting accessory to buy for your camper or RV this year, they are very important. It is noteworthy that camping without a high-quality RV roof vent cover could ruin a perfectly good camping trip.

However, with numerous brands at various prices, you can find the best RV roof vent cover that suits your needs. In this article, I’ll explore several of the leading RV roof vent cover options on the market today.

Let’s dive right in!

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The Top Ten Best RV Roof Vent Covers 2023

  1. Maxxair Original RV Roof Vent Cover — The Best Overall
  2. Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover — Top Competitor
  3. Camp’N Universal RV Roof Vent Cover — Economical Option
  4. Lippert 360 Siphon RV Roof Vent Cap — Best for Odor Prevention with Universal Fit
  5. Livpow RV Roof Vent Cover — Honorable Mention
  6. Camco 40480 Roof Vent Kit — Fancy Man’s Choice
  7. MERZHCHARE RV Roof Vent Cover Replacement — Handyman’s Choice
  8. ONLTCO RV Roof Vent Cover — Affordability
  9. MAXXAIR 00-955002 Black Fanmate Cover — Upscale Choice
  10. Leisure Coachworks RV Roof Vent Cover Universal Replacement Vent — Best 2-Pack Option

Our Top Picks

VPN Service Main Features Our Score Price
Top pick
Maxxair Original RV Roof Vent Cover — The Best Overall
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • One-piece design
Camco Standard RV White Roof Vent Cover — Top Competitor
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Hassel-Free maintenance
  • Ultra-Light
  • Right Price
Camp’N Universal RV Roof Vent Cover — Economical Option
  • Very durable
  • Affordable price
  • Easy installation

1. The Maxxair Original Roof Vent Cover — The Best Overall

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Any RV enthusiast will recognize the name Maxxair and the products that have earned one of the premier RV accessory companies its well-deserved reputation. Maxxair’s Original Roof Vent Cover is no exception and tops our list as the best overall RV roof vent cover.

The Maxxair Original Roof Vent Cover is lightweight, weighing in at just over three pounds, and even more importantly, it’s super easy to install. And Maxxair’s Zero-Leak mounting system allows for easy installation without drilling any holes in your RV’s roof.

What’s more is the rugged, one-piece design, which ensures the cover will hold up well against the elements and prevents any water from leaking in.

The Maxxair Original Roof Vent Cover comes in black, silver, and translucent white for those wanting to let in sunlight.  

But perhaps the key to the Maxxair Original Roof Vent Cover’s success is the price. It is uncommon that such an excellent product is available for a price similar to and sometimes cheaper than its competitors.

Check the price here—a bargain for letting fresh air in and keeping rain out.

Overall, we highly recommend the Maxxair Original Roof Vent Cover for anyone looking to open their RV to more fresh air without risking water leakage. The low price, lightweight, one-piece design, and easy installation make this one of the market’s best RV roof vent covers.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight
  • One-piece design
  • Easy Installation
  • Affordable price

Things We Don’t Like

  • Finding replacement screens might take a little extra effort, and they are sold separately.

2. Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover — Top Competitor

Camco is another trusted name in the world of RV accessories and offers a solid alternative with its standard roof vent cover. What stands out about Camco’s Standard roof vent cover is its low-maintenance nature.

Once installed, it can stay open, rain, or shine, and keep your RV supplied with fresh air while at the same time keeping out rain, leaves, and dust. 

Camco also emphasizes that the Standard roof vent cover’s louvers are easily removed, making cleaning and replacing a screen much more manageable and hassle-free.

Finally, its aerodynamic design means the Standard roof vent cover isn’t a drag when driving. Camco’s Standard roof vent cover is ultra-light, weighing just under two pounds, and has all the necessary hardware. 

And like the Maxxair, the Camco Standard roof vent cover won’t break the bank. Check the price of the base model retail here—not a bad price to let in some fresh air. The Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover is undoubtedly another viable choice as the best RV roof vent cover. 

Things We Like

  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Hassel-Free maintenance
  • Ultra-Light
  • Right Price

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not as durable as some other models

3. Camp’N Universal RV Roof Vent Cover — Economical Option

If you’re an RV owner with a Ventline or Elixir roof vent cover needing replacement, look no further than the Camp’N Universal RV Roof Vent Cover. This economical option from Camp’N offers a potential solution to your vent cover woes.

Unlike previous choices, this vent cover operates manually, requiring you to open and close it with each use. However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t allow for airflow when closed, which means you can’t leave it open while driving, and your RV won’t have continuous air circulation.

The simplicity of the Camp’N Universal RV Roof Vent Cover may appeal to serious campers who prefer a no-frills approach. It boasts durability, promising to last for a considerable period, making it a reliable investment.

On the downside, this vent cover lacks the same airflow level as other models available on the market. So, if you prioritize excellent ventilation options, you might want to consider alternatives.

However, this option could perfectly fit your needs if you’re a no-nonsense, serious camper who doesn’t mind manual operation and can live without continuous airflow when closed. 

Things We Like

  • Very affordable
  • Its durability
  • Easy installation

Things We Don’t Like

  • Only compatible with Ventline and Elixir
  • It doesn’t allow constant airflow

4. Lippert 360 Siphon RV Roof Vent Cap — Best for Odor Prevention with Universal Fit

The Lippert 360 Siphon RV Roof Vent Cap is an exceptional replacement for any RV roof vent cover, offering a universal fit that seamlessly integrates with various types of RVs. Lippert 360 Siphon stands out from its competitors, boasting a remarkable 75% increase in airflow, a feature that significantly enhances ventilation within the RV.

One of the standout features of this roof vent cap is its remarkable ability to eliminate odors effectively. The 360 Siphon efficiently exhausts unpleasant smells out of the roof vent before they have a chance to invade your RV, ensuring a fresh and pleasant indoor environment during your travels.

The product’s compatibility is another impressive aspect, engineered to fit universally with all RV vent caps. This makes it a versatile option for RV owners, saving them the hassle of finding a specific fit for their vehicles.

Built with durable polycarbonate materials, the Lippert 360 Siphon is designed to last. Its sophisticated and patented structure boasts no moving parts. It reduces the risk of wear and tear over time, making it a reliable and long-lasting investment for any RV enthusiast.

Moreover, the built-in screen is an effective barrier, keeping pesky bugs and insects out of your RV. This feature ensures a worry-free camping experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy nature without the annoyance of unwanted visitors.

If you want to replace your existing RV roof vent cover and not have to think about it for the next three years or more, then the Lippert 360 Siphon RV Roof Vent Cap is your best option.

Things We Like

  • Easy installation and universal fit for all RV vent caps.
  • Innovative design with a 75% increase in airflow for improved ventilation.
  • Effective odor prevention, keeping the RV smelling fresh.
  • Durable polycarbonate construction with no moving parts.
  • Integrated screen to keep bugs out, ensuring a hassle-free camping experience.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The slender design may be more prone to damage in extreme weather conditions (e.g., hailstorms).
  • Much heavier than comparable roof vent covers (weighing in at 5.6 pounds).

5. Livpow RV Roof Vent Cover — Honorable Mention

The Livpow RV Roof Vent Cover is a fantastic addition to your RV trailer, offering a breath of fresh air and improved ventilation during your travels.

The convenient hand-operated metal crank allows you to effortlessly open and close the vent inside your RV, granting you full control over the airflow.

Plus, with its manual operation, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any electrical wiring, simplifying the installation process.

One of the standout features of the Livpow RV Roof Vent Cover is its bladeless design, which allows you to bid farewell to musty air, unwanted smoke, and lingering cooking odors. This simplifies the installation process and ensures a safer and more energy-efficient operation.

The one-piece seamless frame of this vent cover ensures excellent leak resistance and weather-tight performance, keeping your RV protected during rainy or stormy days.

Additionally, the built-in screen allows fresh air to flow in and effectively keeps pesky insects out, providing you with a bug-free and comfortable interior.

Crafted from durable polypropylene, the Livpow RV Roof Vent Cover can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun without showing signs of wear and tear.

The translucent white lid is another thoughtful feature, allowing some natural light to filter through, creating a pleasant and well-lit atmosphere inside your RV.

Things We Like

  • Hassle-free, hand-operated metal crank for easy opening and closing.
  • A translucent white lid allows natural light inside.
  • Weather-Resistant and Leakproof.
  • Wireless Convenience
  • Durable Build

Things We Don’t Like

  • Limited control options due to manual operation.

 6. Camco 40480 RV Roof Vent Kit — Fancy Man’s Choice

The Camco 40480 Roof Vent Kit is Camco’s second roof vent on the list. If you’re searching for a reliable replacement for your RV roof vent cover, the Camco 40480 Roof Vent Kit should be on your radar.

As a product from a trusted name in the industry, Camco offers a no-frills solution that gets the job done. One of the notable advantages of the Camco 40480 is its compatibility with multiple vent makers.

It works seamlessly with Ventline, Jensen, and Elixir vents, providing potential users with a wider range of options. Including a built-in screen is another positive feature, allowing fresh air to circulate while effectively keeping insects out.

The kit’s one-piece frame design ensures a leak-resistant and weather-tight installation, providing peace of mind during various weather conditions. The UV-resistant translucent lid adds further durability, capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to the sun.

On the downside, like the Camp’N Universal, the Camco 40480 must be closed while driving, limiting its ability to provide continuous airflow. This could be a drawback for those who prefer having their vents open during travel to ensure proper ventilation inside the RV.

Another consideration is the weight of the product, which is just under 5 pounds. While not overly heavy, some users might find it slightly cumbersome during installation or if they are looking to keep weight to a minimum.

The Camco 40480 Roof Vent Kit is a solid choice for those seeking a reputable RV roof vent cover replacement. Just remember the need to close it while driving and its moderate weight, which may not suit those seeking constant airflow or looking to reduce weight on their RV’s roof.

Things We Like

  • Trusted Brand
  • Multiple Vent Compatibility
  • Durable Build
  • Effective Insect Barrier
  • UV-Resistant Lid

Things We Don’t Like

  • Limited Airflow When Closed
  • Higher Price Point

7. MERZHCHARE RV Roof Vent Cover Replacement — Handyman’s Choice

The MERZHCHARE RV Roof Vent Cover Replacement is a true handyman’s choice for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. Designed to fit “14×14” roof vents, this cover arrives fully assembled and ready for easy installation.

Crafted from UV-resistant polypropylene, it’s built to withstand the harshest sun and weather conditions, ensuring your RV remains protected year-round. Rainy days and scorching summers are no match for this vent cover.

It keeps rain, bugs, and leaves out while allowing a continuous flow of fresh air into your RV. Its compatibility with Ventline roof vents dates before 2008. Elixir roof vents from 1994 onwards ensure a seamless fit for many models.

Crafted from durable and impact-resistant polypropylene, the cover’s lightweight design invites refreshing air into your recreational vehicle and protects against harmful UV rays. No more worrying about cracked or brittle vent covers; this replacement promises long-lasting performance.

Things We Like

  • All-Weather protection
  • Easy installation
  • Compatibility and durability

Things We Don’t Like

  • Limited ventilation control

8. ONLTCO Expert RV Roof Vent Lid Replacement Cover — Affordability

The ONLTCO Expert RV Vent Lid Replacement stands out as a promising solution for maintaining the optimal environment within your RV. This single-pack offering has many features designed to enhance ventilation and protect against rain leaks. It is worth considering if you’re seeking an affordable RV roof vent replacement.

ONLTCO is crafted with a keen understanding of the needs of motorhome enthusiasts and tailored to provide a universal fit for trailers, campers, and motorhomes. Its compatibility with Jensen, Ventline, and Elixir vents ensures seamless integration into various setups.

Installation proves hassle-free, with the package including all necessary accessories—6 screws, 6 nuts, a mini wrench, a mini screwdriver, and an assembly manual—simplifying the process and saving you time.

The ONLTCO RV roof vent cover was constructed from robust UV-resistant polypropylene, exhibiting exceptional durability. The added reinforcement of metal hinges further elevates their resilience. The package’s inclusion of a single exterior vent cover provides a complete replacement solution that values your investment.

Things We Like

  • Universal Compatibility
  • Easy Installation
  • Enhanced Durability

Things We Don’t Like

  • Lack of durability
  • Strict Warranty

9. MAXXAIR 00-955002 Black Fanmate Cover — Upscale Choice

The Maxxair 00-955002 Black Fanmate Cover is the second Maxxair RV roof vent cover on the list. If you’re searching for an upscale solution to enhance your RV’s ventilation system, the Black Fanmate Cover is a premier choice.

This product seamlessly combines aesthetic appeal with robust functionality, offering a high-end upgrade for your RV’s roof vent. The MAXXAIR 00-955002 Fanmate Cover features a sleek black design that complements your RV’s overall look and effectively protects against the elements.

The cover is designed to fit standard “14×14” roof vents, ensuring a snug and secure fit. One of the standout features of the Fanmate Cover is its ability to keep rain out while still allowing for optimal airflow.

This means you can enjoy fresh air circulation without worrying about sudden rain showers. The cover’s aerodynamic design further contributes to its ability to manage airflow effectively.

The Maxxair Fanmate Cover is built to last, with UV protection to ensure it withstands the sun’s rays over time. The installation process is straightforward, and the package includes the necessary hardware, making setup hassle-free.

Things We Like

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Efficient Ventilation
  • Durable Construction

Things We Don’t Like

  • Premium Price: The upscale features of the Maxxair Fanmate Cover are reflected in its price point, which might be higher compared to basic alternatives.
  • Compatibility Concerns: To avoid installation issues, ensure compatibility with your specific RV vent model.

10. Leisure Coachworks RV Roof Vent Cover Universal Replacement Vent — Top Choice for a 2-Pack Deal

The Leisure Coachworks RV Roof Vent Cover stands out as a top-notch option for enhancing your RV’s airflow and protection. With a convenient 2-pack offering and a design crafted for universal compatibility, this product takes your RV experience up a notch.

Crafted to fit a range of recreational vehicles, the Leisure Coachworks RV Roof Vent Cover brings versatility to the forefront. Its universal design ensures a seamless replacement for worn-out or damaged vent covers.

What sets it apart is the inclusion of two covers in a single package, making it a great value for RV owners looking to upgrade multiple vents. Durability meets innovation with these vent covers. 

Manufactured from high-quality materials, they offer remarkable resistance to UV rays and the elements. This ensures your investment remains intact for years without compromising functionality.

Thanks to the included installation accessories, installing these vent covers is hassle-free. Each 2-pack comes complete with all necessary screws and components, saving you time and additional expenses.

The comprehensive instructions provided ensure that even those less familiar with DIY tasks can easily manage the installation process.

Things We Like

  • 2-Pack Convenience
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Durable Construction

Things We Don’t Like

  • Slightly Pricier: While the dual-pack configuration justifies the cost, it might be slightly higher than single-unit alternatives.
  • Questions about durability

Choosing the Best RV Roof Vent Cover: Your Ultimate Buying Guide.

Finding the best RV roof vent cover amidst the array of options might seem daunting after evaluating the pros and cons of various models. Worry not; we’re here to simplify the process and guide you toward the best choice for your needs.

We’ve divided the options into two primary types, each with merits and drawbacks. Let’s delve into the details.

Constant Airflow Champions: Maxxair Models

One category includes roof-mounted options, like the Maxxair models, designed to maintain uninterrupted airflow while driving. These covers offer optimal ventilation, lightweight construction, and generally budget-friendly prices.

The Maxxair Original or Camco Universal stand as top contenders if consistent airflow ranks high on your priority list.

Balancing Durability and Weight

The prominence of these roof vent covers on your RV roof exposes them to potentially damaging sun rays, affecting their longevity. The Camp’N Universal RV Roof Vent Cover strikes a balance, delivering durability against these threats.

Yet its robust construction comes with added weight, which could complicate installation.

Quick Replacement Solutions: Standard Vent Covers

If you’re seeking a swift and straightforward replacement, standard options such as the ONTLCO and Leisure Coachworks RV Roof Vent, often available in packs of two for cost efficiency, come into play.

However, these covers necessitate manual operation and upkeep, lacking the constant airflow advantage.

Prioritizing Airflow and maintenance

Our suggestion leans toward considering airflow and easy maintenance as pivotal factors in your decision-making process. Opting for an RV roof vent cover that offers an optimal blend of affordability, durability, and air quality makes sense.

Lightweight alternatives shine in this regard, with the Maxxair RV roof covers (both Original and Black Fanmate) proving compelling choices. Their minimal weight ensures substantial airflow while effectively keeping unwanted elements at bay.

Balancing Considerations for the Ideal Choice

The Camp’N Universal RV Roof Vent Cover remains enticing due to its affordability, durability, and all-in-one lightweight design. However, it’s compatible with Ventline and Elixir, and it doesn’t allow constant airflow.

If these issues are not a problem for you, then the Camp’N RV roof vent may just be the best alternative that suits you better.

In essence, RV roof vent covers serve to maintain fresh air while preventing rain, dust, and debris from entering. All the options we explored met this primary goal, varying in ease of installation, usability, maintenance, and cost.

After thorough consideration, we confidently recommend the Maxxair (Original and Black Fanmate) RV roof vent covers and the Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover. Both brands deliver effectiveness at the right price point and installation simplicity.

Why You Should Trust Us: Our Journey to Finding the 10 Best RV Roof Vent Covers

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Embarking on a journey to uncover the best RV roof vent covers was a passion-driven adventure that combined expertise with hands-on experience. As an avid RV enthusiast for over a decade, my fascination with enhancing the mobile lifestyle naturally led to a specialization in recreational vehicle accessories.

To truly understand what makes up the best RV roof vent cover, I rolled up my sleeves and put numerous contenders through rigorous testing.

Testing, for us, wasn’t confined to the controlled environment of a lab. It meant hitting the open road, exploring diverse terrains, and confronting varying weather conditions.

We knew that durability, compatibility, and performance were the pillars of a reliable RV roof vent cover. So, we assessed each product not only for its technical specifications but also for its real-world adaptability.

After installing and evaluating countless vent covers across different RV models, we whittled down our findings to the top 10 contenders.

Our review process factored in not only the product’s construction quality but also its ease of installation, compatibility with different vent types, and the difference it made to RV living—improved airflow, weather protection, and enhanced comfort.

Our goal was simple: to provide fellow RV enthusiasts with a trustworthy guide that reflects the dedication, commitment, and passion we poured into this adventure. Because when you’re on the road, your RV is more than a vehicle; it’s your home, and we made it our mission to help you make it the best it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best RV Roof Vent Cover

Can I drive with my RV’s roof vent cover open?

It depends. RV roof vent covers listed above, like the Maxxair Original, Black Fanmate, Camco Standard, and Lippert 360 Siphon RV Roof Vent Cap, are mounted on the top of your RV roof and can stay open.

Other models, like the Camp’N, ONLTCO, and Leisure Coachworks, must be manually opened and closed with each use and must be closed before driving.

Is installation difficult?

Again, it depends on the model. The lighter RV roof vent covers, and those with easy mounting systems shouldn’t be too difficult. Others will be more cumbersome and require a significant time commitment.

What is the most important factor to consider when buying an RV roof vent cover?

We recommend you consider durability, ease of installation, level of water resistance, ease of maintenance, and cost (in no particular order) when buying an RV roof vent cover.

Do all RV roof vent covers come with a warranty?

No, not all RV roof vent covers come with a warranty.

Which RV roof vent cover is the longest lasting?

The Lippert 360 Siphon RV Roof Vent Cap is made of the most durable material and has a three-year warranty. However, it also weighs the most, a factor that needs to be considered.

Which RV roof vent cover is the lightest?

Several of the models listed above weighed in under three pounds and are extremely easy to handle.

How will I know if I need a new RV roof vent cover?

As we mentioned above, the main purpose of RV roof vent covers is to keep rain, leaves, and dust out and fresh air in. If your RV roof vent is leaking water or causing a mess in your RV, then it might be time to consider one of the options listed above.

Do I need to go to an RV dealer to buy a new RV roof vent cover?

No. We have made it easy for you to go right from this page to Amazon’s website to buy your RV roof vent cover online. Just click any of the headings or links for each RV roof vent cover’s name, and you will be directed to the page where you can buy that particular RV roof vent cover.

Which RV roof vent cover do you recommend?

There are many good RV roof vent covers available.  Some are cheaper, some are more durable, and some models are easier to install. Determine which factor is most important to you before deciding which RV roof vent cover to buy.

Picking the Right RV Roof Vent Cover

We hope this guide to buying RV roof vent covers has been helpful and answered the many questions you might have had about which RV roof vent cover is best for you. Remember that when considering which RV roof vent cover to buy, weighing which model will keep the rain out and fresh air in is important.

In addition, which is the most durable, the lightest and easiest to install, and the easiest to maintain, and which RV roof vent cover fits your budget?

Many great options are lightweight, easy to install, and can be priced right. Others might be long-lasting but will prove more challenging during installation. After weighing all the factors, we are sure you will make a great choice and get the RV roof vent cover that is best for you and your RV.

The Final Verdict

For us, the choice is simple. The Maxxair Original Roof Vent Cover is a high-quality RV roof vent cover that is extremely affordable, easy to install, and low maintenance. We also prefer to buy our RV roof vent covers and other accessories from a trusted brand like Maxxair.

What’s your take on RV roof vent covers? Which RV roof vent cover do you think offers the best value? Did you make your choice yet? 

Please write your answers in the comments section below. It will help others make their decision about which RV roof vent cover to buy.

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