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15 Best Small Campers with Bathrooms 2023: The Ultimate List

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When it comes to camping, having a bathroom on board can make all the difference. It adds convenience and eliminates the need for trips to public facilities or digging makeshift holes in the ground. While larger RVs are known for their spacious bathrooms, there are many different models of small campers with bathrooms on the market today.

Some have standalone bathrooms, while others feature shower and toilet facilities integrated into the camper. We all know that nothing beats the convenience of having your own bathroom with you. Unfortunately, while large RVs offer this amenity, they can be costly and take up a lot of space.

This is one of the reasons small travel trailers with bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular as people discover the freedom and convenience they offer. Regardless of your needs and preferences, there is sure to be a small camper with a bathroom that fits your needs.

From compact designs to innovative space-saving features, we’ve scoured the market to bring you our top picks for the best small campers with bathrooms. So if you’re ready to hit the road without sacrificing comfort and convenience, keep reading to discover these little gems that are big on both style and functionality.

How we reviewed the best small campers with bathrooms

Considering the numerous good campers with bathrooms on the market, we picked the best ones by conducting thorough research on their durability, price, weight, and many other features.

It’s normal for every product to have advantages and disadvantages. So, we selected the ones with the most advantages and personally reviewed them.

You don’t need to think twice before choosing from this list because we do our best to select the best campers that match your preferences.

The Best Small Campers with Bathrooms Under 5,000 lbs

Need more options, or do you want to be able to tow a bit heavier trailer? Then, these small camping trailers might be a perfect fit for you! Below are details on the best small campers with bathrooms under 5,000 lbs.

1. Skyline Layton Retro 140

This small camper trailer has so many great features, including a bathroom. Unfortunately, this trailer is no longer being produced; you’ll only be able to get your hands on the used ones.

Check out the video below for a full review of the Skyline Layton Retro.


  • Price: $10,800
  • Weight: 2,100 lbs
  • Length: 15.83′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 3


  • Bathroom
  • TV and hookup cables
  • Toilet and wastewater system


  • It is one of the best small camping trailers with a bathroom 


  • The Skyline Layton Retro 140 is no longer on the market.

2. Jay Sport Trailer

Jay sport trailer is one of the best small campers with bathrooms
  • Save

This sports trailer has several essential amenities and features to make you comfortable and safe, especially in the wild. From the exterior, you’ll notice that this trailer is simple, compact, and sleek.

The Jay Sport trailer was revamped in 2017.

This camper has one of the best small camper bathrooms, with a heater larger than what a normal trailer would contain. Its water tank powers the outdoors, indoors, shower, toilet, and sink taps.


  • Price: $10,808
  • Weight: 2,100 lbs
  • Length: 15.83′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 3


  • Retractable entrance
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Functional dining
  • Heated beds for cold nights
  • Large storage space
  • Rust-resistant stove
  • Multipurpose cushions


  • It has many build options to fit your expectations
  • It is one of the best small campers with bathrooms


  • It doesn’t have grey or black water tanks.
  • The toilet is a small flushing device that must always be removed and dumped after use.

3. Little Guy Mini Max

The Little Guy Mini Max is the most preferred option for lightweight camping. In addition, it’s classified as one of the best small campers with a bathroom.

Here’s a full video review of the Little Guy Mini Max.


  • Price: $33,771
  • Weight: 2,320 lbs
  • Length: 17′ 2′′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 3


  • Kitchen
  • Backup camera
  • Furnace and Air conditioner


  • The Little Guy Mini Max has an option for off-road trailing.


  • Difficult to navigate.

4. Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe

The Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Trailer is the perfect pick if you want to take your family on outdoor adventures. It can carry up to three adults.

Its dining area can be transformed into a sleeping space and switched back when needed.

Also, the Casita Travel Trailer is specifically manufactured to withstand high terrain and climatic conditions. That is why it is produced from fiberglass (reinforced) and is fitted directly into the Spirit Deluxe.

The interior of the camp trailer is equally convenient, with a well-designed bathroom. However, the toilet and shower are separated to ensure privacy.

An extractor fan is also placed inside the camper to check humidity and ensure food ventilation.


  • Price: $33,771
  • Weight: 2,480 lbs
  • Length: 17′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 4


  • 110-volt outlet fitted outside
  • Exterior lighting
  • Lockable freshwater
  • Bathroom with shower
  • A battery pack of 12 volts
  • Two sleeping areas that can be converted into dining spaces
  • Large storage space


  • It is suitable for family travel
  • The Spirit Deluxe is easy to tow
  • Best for first-time campers


  • Occupies space

5. Forest River R-Pod

Forest river R-pos is one of the best small campers with bathrooms
  • Save

This camper trailer is one of the best on the market currently. It is 10 feet and 6 inches tall, 21 feet and 5 inches long, and has a width of 7 feet. More so, it happens to be one of the lightest trailers. 

Additionally, the Forest River R-Pod has enough sleeping space for five people. So, you won’t have any issues taking your entire family camping with you on your next camping trip.

It feels like a home away from home.


  • Length: 21′ 5′′
  • Weight: 3097 lbs
  • Price: $42,000
  • Sleeps: 2 to 5


  • Large sink
  • Huge counter space
  • A double-door fridge is about 10.3 cubic foot
  • Kitchen with mounted glass cooktop
  • Ample storage
  • LED lighting


  • It has a door that makes accessing the storage from the bottom bunk easy.
  • The Forest River R-Pod has a full-size power awning and a standard stabilizing system.
  • It is lightweight but quite spacious and versatile.


  • Small kitchen space.

6. KZ Spree Escape Mini-Series

This mini-trailer is the perfect medium to travel to different locations. It is small and relatively light in weight compared to other camp trailers.

In addition, this trailer has many amenities that will make you comfortable and relaxed at a campsite, private property, or RV park.

In addition, the KZ Spree Escape is quite easy to tow. Most times, it’s called a modern house because it has all the features that a real house would have. Its interior has enough high-tech options.

There is a TV, a fully furnished kitchen, a gas cooker, and countertops.

Interestingly, this trailer has tinted windows and well-pleated window shades that enhance the house’s decor and ensure your privacy.


  • Length: 20′ 9″
  • Price: $21,995
  • Weight: 2,770–4,140 lbs
  • Sleeps: 3 to 4


  • Dual USB Port (12 volts each)
  • Convection Microwave
  • Outdoor shower and full bath
  • Digital TV Antenna
  • Refrigerator
  • LED lighting
  • Exterior Fiberglass


  • The Escape Mini Trailer is ultra-lightweight, which reduces gas mileage.
  • It is one of the cheapest trailers on this list.
  • This truck has different versions (M181RK, M181UD, M181KS, and M181SS), each with unique customizations and amenities.
  • Provision for RV maintenance tracking.
  • This trailer comes with an off-road package.
  • It is easy to repair.


  • It has numerous high-tech options, thus making navigation difficult.

7. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Lance is one of the leading manufacturers of trailers and truck campers. The Lance 1575 Travel Trailer is one of the best small campers, having a normal weight of 2,700 lbs. and other amazing features and essentials.

This trailer has all the necessary things a normal home would have. So, if you’re camping in this camper, you will probably not realize you’re away from home.

But, of course, it has a convenient bathroom and toilet that’s easy to use and clean.

Additionally, it has enough lighting (a skylight) in the bathroom and living area to make your experience more interesting. Even though its bathroom is small, it has all the basic features.


  • Price: $36,995
  • Weight: 2,775 lbs
  • Length: 20′ 5′′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 4


  • Large storage space
  • Well-mounted doors
  • Spare tires
  • In-built refrigerator
  • Comfortable sleeping and dining areas
  • Working surfaces and tables
  • Wastewater and freshwater systems (separated)


  • This travel trailer has a thermostat control that allows for adjustment of the internal temperature.


  • The Lance Travel Trailer has a small bathroom.

8. Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

The Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB has a streamlined layout and a sofa/bed conversion that allows extra living space in the daytime; it has a spacious bathroom, a storage closet, and a cabinet where you can keep your towels and toiletries, etc.

This camper trailer’s toilet, shower, and sink are similar to those in larger RVs.

Its kitchen has ample storage, a refrigerator, and a four-burner stove with a cover. In addition, the Jayco Hummingbird has modern and convenient interior fittings that show luxury.


  • Price: $22,995
  • Weight: 2,890 lbs
  • Length: 16′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 3


  • 10-foot electric awning
  • An insulated and enclosed underbelly
  • Three storage compartments (exterior)
  • A U-shaped dining area
  • LED lighting


  • This camper is easy to tow, making it convenient for your numerous expeditions.
  • Ample storage space
  • It has an ultra-light feature that allows it to be towed by a pickup truck or SUV.
  • This trailer has unlimited integration with nature.
  • More so, you can carry bicycles on this camper, unlike others.
  • At purchase, it comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Since it can carry heavy materials, its performance could decrease if not serviced regularly.

9. Airstream Bambi 16RB

Airstream has been manufacturing cars with travelers in mind for nearly a century. In the Airstream Bambi 16RB, the bathroom wreaks class, luxury, and sophistication.

There’s full ventilation; thus, you don’t need to worry about air and moisture entering the trailer. In addition, its toilet is mostly made of porcelain, making it easy to use and clean. 

Its exterior isn’t left out of the luxury equation. It is well-designed. A black water tank wastewater system is mounted outside the trailer, which makes disposal of bathroom waste easy.

This camper is small but tough and durable. Even though an SUV can tow it, it can go off-roading.

The Airstream Bambi 16RB is almost the same size as the Airstream Basecamp. However, the Basecamp has a dry bath, while the Bambi has a wet bath and more moving space inside.


  • Price: $56,500
  • Weight: 2,890 lbs
  • Length: 16′–22′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 3


  • Basic items like refrigerator, microwave, sink, and gas stove
  • In-built TV with sound system
  • Electric awning
  • Windows with dark tinting
  • Cold and hot exterior shower
  • Integrated fan for air circulation
  • Air conditioning and heating systems


  • The Airstream Bambi 16RB comes with an off-road package that contains large tires and a lift kit for ground clearance.


  • It is small in size compared to other camping trailers.

10. 21’8 Winnebago Rialta

In 2005, Winnebago halted the production of the Rialta. So, it won’t be easy to find the 21’8 Winnebago Rialta on the market.

However, if you’re lucky enough to find one, it’ll be an excellent choice because it is quite affordable.

Even though this camping trailer is small (about 21″), it won’t keep you out of most spaces since it’s not a micro trailer like the others.

However, if you’re unsure what RV to buy, try renting. The price of renting an RV will, however, depend on different factors, mainly the age and type of the RV.

For instance, you should anticipate paying more for a large 2018 Class A motorhome than you would for a 2011 camper.

Other factors could be the rental size, location, and company. The average rental price for a Travel Trailer is $50 to $125.

Note that you may be required to pay additional fees for amenities not included in the base price. So, if you’re looking to rent an RV, click here.


  • Price: $26,000
  • Weight: n/a
  • Length: 21′ 8′′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 4


  • A bathroom
  • Well-furnished doors


  • Great warranty
  • Fuel mileage


  • A limited tank holding capacity
  • Limited interior space

11. Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended

This mini camping van is badass. You can drive it up mountains, across deserts, and through rivers. It’s one of the most luxurious and best small campers with a bathroom. 

However, not all models of the Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended have an in-built bathroom. Only the custom-made ones have the bathroom feature.


  • Price: $70,000
  • Weight: 4,641 lbs
  • Length: 22′ 6′′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 4


  • Luxurious bathroom
  • Well-furnished interior fittings


  • You can use this trailer for adventurous trips.


  • It’s very expensive because it’s a Mercedes product.
  • Only its extended versions have a bathroom.

12. Barefoot Caravans

Barefoot Caracan is one of the best small campers with bathrooms
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Barefoot Caravan is another small camper with a bathroom. The most attractive feature of this camping trailer is the availability of different customization options for buyers.

As a buyer, you have the liberty to pick one of the six colors of the trailer. 

Barefoot caravan is one of the best small campers with bathrooms
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It has a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower powered by a 30-liter water tank powered by a water heater, either by electricity or gas. This microcamper has round edges and a sleek design.

Aside from the bathroom in front of the camper, its interior has wardrobes, sofas, a kitchen, and more.

Barefoot Caravans interior
  • Save

Buying a travel trailer can be costly, so you may not know which RV is best for your camping adventures. You’ll save a lot of stress by renting an RV.

Stop worrying about which RV you should settle for; rent a perfect RV here at an average cost of $125.


  • Price: €32,500
  • Weight: 1,750–2,000 lbs
  • Length: 16′ 6′′
  • Sleeps: 1-2


  • Vinyl seat cushions
  • You can convert the seating area into a sleeping space.
  • Ample cupboard and wardrobe space
  • Glass stove and cover
  • Attractive roof lighting
  • In-built refrigerator
  • Wet bath


  • Even though it’s small, it’s versatile and comfortable.


  • Very hard to find in the market
  • Transporting them from the United Kingdom (place of manufacture) to the US is expensive.

The Best Small Campers with Bathrooms Under 2,000 lbs

Here’s a list of the three best small campers with bathrooms under 2,000 lbs. Nevertheless, note that the list is inexhaustible.

We’ve only compiled the three most effective and affordable However, before you tow any of these trailers, ensure you weigh them and check your car’s towing capacity.

1. Scamp 13′ Deluxe

Scamp 13′ Deluxe is one of the best small campers with bathrooms
  • Save

The Scamp 13′ Deluxe trailer accurately describes how you can package excellent things in small outlets. Despite its small size, it has a two-floor plan, a bathroom in the front and center, a toilet, and a shower.

It is best suited for couples and small families, and you’ll need wise planning to utilize the available space.

Scamp 13′ Deluxe interior
  • Save

You can convert the sofa into beds and the dining area into a large sleeping space for up to four people.

Generally, its interior fittings, including carpet, curtains, and cushions, are colored brown. Its doors are made of wood, while its cabinets are made of fiberglass, thus having no possibility of leaking.

Scamp 13′ Deluxe comes in different models: 13′, 16′, and 19′, each with a bathroom.

Scamp 13′ Deluxe
  • Save


  • Price: $18,000–$22,000
  • Weight: 1,200–1,600 lbs
  • Length: 13′
  • Sleeps: 1 to 2


  • Convertible sleeping area
  • Large closet space
  • Exterior lighting
  • Power outlets and converters
  • Integrated microwave.


  • This trailer is the lightest and smallest camping trailer with a bathroom.


  • There are no newer models of this trailer. You’ll mostly always find a used model.

2. 14′ iCamp Elite (The Smallest RV with a Shower and Toilet)

The Elite trailers are small but durable and made from reinforced fiberglass and aluminum frames for sound dampening and insulation.

The 14-foot iCamp Elite is the smallest of all the other miniature trailers in this category.

However, despite its small size, it has excellent designs and features that maximize available space.

Its furniture has rounded edges that help save space. Plus, the bathroom has everything a normal bathroom at home would have.


  • Price: $10,000 to $15,000
  • Weight: 1,337 lbs
  • Length: 14′
  • Sleeps: 1 to 2


  • Convertible dining area 
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven


  • This trailer has incredible fuel economy because of its enhanced aerodynamics.
  • Its furniture is weather-resistant. As a result, heat or moisture cannot affect it.
  • Towing the 14-foot iCamp Elite is a piece of cake.
  • It is the second-smallest camping trailer with a bathroom.


  • Sadly, this camper is hard to find because it’s no longer manufactured.

3. Happier Camper Traveler

Happier camper trailer
  • Save

This camper offers an exclusive fun way of enjoying camping trips with modern amenities while giving you the same experience you have at home.

Interestingly, the Happier Camper is lightweight, can be towed by a Mini Cooper, and fits into a standard parking space.

Additionally, it has a bathroom, a hot shower, a tablet docking station, and AC power sockets. Plus, there are options that you can use to transform the trailer into different styles to fit your preferences. It comes in different colors, like blue, turquoise, and red.

Happier camper interior
  • Save

There’s also extra space for bicycles and motorbikes. Finally, it offers enough space for the kitchen and dining table.

Interestingly, you can transform the camper into an office space.


  • Price: $68,950
  • Weight: 1,800 lbs
  • Length: 17′
  • Sleeps: 2 to 4


  • Adaptive interior system
  • Switch lighting
  • Bed space (for five)
  • Sleek design
  • Entry door
  • A bathroom and kitchen


  • Its modern fixtures can be used as outdoor furniture.
  • This camping trailer provides varied options for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Maintaining this camper requires little effort.


  • This camper is more expensive than other campers under 2,000 pounds.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Small Campers with Bathrooms

You must consider certain factors before settling for any small camper with a bathroom. Aside from size, budget is one of the factors guiding purchases.

Here’s an extensive guide to buying and renting small campers with bathrooms in 2023.

Size and capacity

The size will determine where you can park and how easy it will be to tow and drive. Unfortunately, there is no perfect small camper with a bathroom in RV size to buy.

The size will only depend on the camping adventure you’ll use the camper for. If you need a camping trailer that’ll be best for long distances, you should settle for the Sport Trailer.

A Happier Camper Traveler will be a suitable option if you need a camper to carry other equipment like bicycles.

Shape and length

Campers that have furniture with rounded edges seem to be more spacious. There are campers under 5,000 lbs, just as there are others under 2,000 lbs.

Note that the prices of campers in these categories will differ. So, work with the one that best suits your desires.

Bathroom interior surface

Always inspect the bathroom of every camping trailer before paying for it. If the bathroom doesn’t have the basic interior fittings, you may have to consider another option.

Besides, a bathroom without a well-constructed wastewater system isn’t such a healthy choice.

Additionally, small campers with bathrooms come in two varieties. The first is the “wet bath,” which is more common in smaller RVs and has no distinct area for a toilet and shower.

This bathroom mostly uses waterproof enclosures to serve both functions, making it slightly less convenient. 

Notwithstanding, the smaller RVs still fulfill their purpose. The second is the “dry bath,” which uses a toilet and a shower.

Camper trailers with this type of bathroom are larger and may look similar to a home.

However, finding the right bathroom size is impossible beyond selecting between a dry bath and a wet bath. In smaller campers, manufacturers often intentionally reduce the size of the bathroom.

For smaller individuals, this may not be an issue.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that a floor plan may be deceiving. So, after you have drafted your list of potential brands, contact your local dealer.

You may find that the space limitations of certain models make them inconvenient. But, after all, it is your RV, so you should be very comfortable.


Budget is a key consideration. Always work based on your budget before settling for any small camper. If renting a camper is less costly than getting a new one, you should consider renting one.

Usage Frequency

Living in a small camper and embarking on weekend camping trips are different. For example, if you are living in a camper, you’ll need a fully equipped kitchen, while a microwave and fridge may be all you need for weekend camping trips.

Choose a camper that fits your usage frequency.

Your Family Size

The size of your family is another major consideration when planning to buy an RV. A convenient camper for a couple may be uncomfortable for a family of six.

Therefore, a small camping trail won’t be the best choice for a large family. 

Besides, having bathroom facilities will make traveling with your family more interesting and convenient, especially if you have young children.

You won’t have to worry about faulty bathroom facilities, reducing the stress of being on the road.

So, if you are traveling with your family, ensure your RV has all the necessary facilities. Endeavor to watch your children and guide them while using the restroom or bathroom.

Plus, it’ll be an added advantage if you can get an RV with a large bathroom space for many people.

Fuel Mileage

Fuel mileage is one factor that scares buyers away from purchasing an RV. But, interestingly, modern motorhomes are currently maximizing fuel economy, unlike what was believed years ago.

Most times, the size of the unit influences fuel economy. 

It’s advisable to opt for a diesel Class B if you’re looking for long miles. Most of the newer models have a fuel economy.

Aside from Class B, Class C and A are also improving. The larger units are almost single-digit numbers.

Finally, if your priority is fuel economy, don’t leave out travel trailers because they are aerodynamic and lightweight.

It is worth noting that the fuel economy while towing will be amazingly great if your tow vehicle is a good model.

Final Thoughts

We have listed the 15 best small campers with bathrooms that are comfortable and functional. These camping trailers have numerous amenities.

However, the overall best small camper with a bathroom is the Airstream Bambi 16RB because it is luxurious and comes with an off-road package.

So, if you’re in the market for a travel trailer with a bathroom, feel free to make your choice from this list of campers for a comfortable camping trip. If you have any comments, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

Are you still confused about which camper to settle for? Let us know your concerns so we can help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Small Campers with Bathrooms 2023

Do small campers still have bathrooms?

Of course! Even the smallest camper (which is the Scamp 13′ Deluxe) has a bathroom. They also have beds, kitchens, a dining area, and more.

How much does a small camper with a bathroom cost?

The average cost of a small camper ranges from $20,000 to $30,000. The more expensive and luxurious models cost up to $40,000. However, you can see some trailers that cost about $15,000.

What are the small campers called?

Small campers have numerous names. Some of them are mini campers, teardrop trailers, micro campers, a-frame campers, pop-up campers, and more.

What is the smallest camper with a bathroom?

The smallest camping trailer with a bathroom is the 13′ Scamp Deluxe trailer, while the second smallest is the 14′ iCamp Elite. However, you don’t have to worry about its size because it has a wet bath (shower) that will not make you less comfortable.

Models made by Mercedes Sprinter Vans, Airstream, and Winnebago are the most popular small RVs. However, the Winnebago Solis seems to be the most popular on the market currently.

How much is a mini camper?

Mini campers cost between $5,000 and $70,000. The brand, manufacturer, and features add up to make the camper costly.

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