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When is the Best Time to Buy an RV?

The short answer to the best time to buy an RV is during the off-season. People don’t usually shop during these months, which means there will be less competition, and you’ll be able to secure the best deals possible.

It’s no secret that RV prices fluctuate from one month or season to the next. Still, different types of RVs (used versus newer models) may also have different prices depending on the times, seasons, and other factors. 

In this comprehensive guide I’ll walk you through all the things you need to know about when, where, and what time to purchase the RV you want. I’ll deep dive into the best times to buy, exploring the different seasons and the best locations to save you big bucks on your RV purchase. 

When is the best time of the year to buy a travel trailer?

The best time to buy a travel trailer depends on the type of RV you want, whether it’s a new or used model, and several other factors. The truth is that the time of the year and even the day of the week all make a difference in what you end up paying for your RV. 

Overall, summertime is a high season for RV sales. At this time, most people are going camping. The market also tends to be super competitive, thereby making it the wrong time to get the best deals.

Now, let’s look at the times you can get awesome deals on your RV purchase. 

Get the best-discounted sales in the fall

The best time to purchase an RV is the “off-season,” typically in fall and winter. Fall and winter are the slow seasons for RV sales at the dealerships. By fall, most RVers are no longer camping but are getting ready to store their rigs for the winter.

Learn how to winterize your travel trailer and get it ready for the colder months.

You can begin shopping for your RV anytime between September and November. But you’ll get the best discounts in December and January, which is the middle of winter when the market comes to a complete stop.

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When you shop for a new or used RV, you can get the best discounts and incentives from dealers at those times. You’ll also find a wider selection of new and used models. And also, the RV lots won’t be crowded with people. 

Shop around the holiday weekends

During holiday weekends, salespersons receive approvals for bigger discounts and clear inventory. You should be able to get great deals at this time. 

Buy newer models at RV shows

RV shows are an excellent way to understand the wide range of RV models available. You’ll also get insider information on routine problems and poor design features to look out for on specific models. 

Many such shows are planned between January and March. At these shows, dealers would have new models to showcase. Often, their salespersons have approval to offer mouthwatering discounts. 

Besides, there will be a ton of competition between dealers at these shows. Hence, you have more power and control over how much you pay for these new rigs. Again, dealerships would rather sell their rigs than transport them back to the lots. All these add up in your favor. 

Purchase before new RV models are released

Manufacturers often release their new RV models in spring. It’s possible to find a good bargain at this time. The last year’s model may not be entirely different from the new one.

You may find the change was purely cosmetic or a color scheme change. If that’s the case, getting a good bargain on the previous year’s model is a win-win. 

Shop for used models in spring

The best time to purchase used models is early spring or late winter. During this time, RVers are looking to sell their older models to purchase new ones. All you need to do is bring your best negotiation skills, and you can buy an excellent used RV model.

Ensure to assess any RV you want to carefully. You should get a local dealer or expert to help inspect the trailer. Doing this would cost you a few extra bucks, but you are potentially saving more money in the end.

Shop when gas prices go higher

When gas prices increase, many RVers may decide they no longer want to travel with their rigs. Some might consider selling their well-kept rigs.

You can look out for these rigs when they hit the market. A good way to stay updated is by joining websites and Facebook groups like RV Trader, National Vehicle, RVezy, and more. 

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What is the best day of the week to buy an RV?

Some days are actually better than others when it comes to purchasing an RV. Any time between Monday and Thursday is a great time to buy RVs. You’ll find fewer people shopping, and the salespeople will be in the best mood after a busy weekend of sales. 

In the same light, you should avoid shopping for RVs at the weekend (except for holiday weekends). The weekends generally have more people shopping simultaneously, and the salespersons need more motivation to let go of their inventory. 

Overall, Monday is the best time to buy RV campers. That’s when you can get the best deal, and the salespersons will have more time to answer your questions and attend to your needs. 

What is the best month to buy a used motorhome or travel trailer?

Generally, year-end is the cheapest time to buy a motorhome or travel trailer. During this period, you’ll also make the most from deals between November and February.

This is because many RV dealerships will take out their old stocks in other to get some newer RV models and this could be the best time to buy a used RV, travel trailer, or motorhome.

What is the cheapest state to buy an RV?

Besides time, season, and event, the state where you shop for your RVs is also essential. Most people believe that the best state to buy an RV is Indiana. This is because most RVs are manufactured there.

So you should expect the salespersons there to have plenty of competition and great discounts to give to you. Montana might also be another great state to purchase RVs. This is because the state doesn’t tax vehicle sales.

However, if Montana isn’t your domicile state, you won’t be able to access that tax advantage. Besides these states, you should also consider purchasing your RVs from states with a lower cost of living.

For instance, northern states like Washington and Maine find it challenging to sell their RV inventory in winter. So you can get great deals from these areas.

But also bear in mind that many such states often have used models with unique problems. For instance, states near the ocean might have used RVs with challenges like salt eroding and ambient moisture. 

Wrapping up 

The best time to buy an RV depends on the type of RV you want to buy, alongside the sacrifices you want to make. Ideally, if you’re buying the latest models, ensure you buy directly at road shows.

You can also get great deals on newer models during holiday weekends or when you buy from northern states. If you want the best deal on used models, consider purchasing during the fall and winter months.

Many other factors can improve your chances of getting the best deals, such as when gas prices increase. Regardless, you should exercise some patience before you purchase your RV. Take your time to understand the markets before you decide on where, when, and what RV to buy.

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